Videodrunk is excited to announce a partnership with streaming service FestiVault for the 2019 season. The partnership will see a handful of Videodrunk films, including all those in our under 2 minute category, streamed on FestiVault during the festival for FestiVault members.

Founded in Chicago in 2018, Festivault allows users to screen select film festival programs on individual laptops, tablets, and TV screens at the same time that the festival runs, plus an additional few days. By letting people watch curated selections wherever and whenever they desire, the interface also offers a huge potential audience for filmmakers.

In addition submissions are now open, so head over to FilmFreeway and submit today!

Prize Winners



We would like to thank everyone for submitting, supporting and coming to the 2018 Videodrunk Film Festival and helping us run the best attended edition of the festival. Without delay here are our prize winners.

King Videor: Entropia (Marinah Janello/USA)|

Best Canadian Film: Night Terrier (Neil Krowly and Adam Singer/Canada)|

INTERTOTO (Founder’s Pick from Each block): Eviction (Oscar De Leon/USA), High Tea (Luke Meneok/Canada), Almost Sunny (Vittorio Guidotti/Italy), Goodnight, Gracie (Stellan Kendrick/USA), The Program (Michael Elliott Dennis/USA), Mother Fucker (Nicholas Payne Santos/USA)

2018 Line-Up


Freelancer (Francisco Lacerda and Francisco A. Lopes/Finland)

Doors at 8:30/Show at a hard 9 each night at the Silver Mill (10 Dawes Road)
Nov 29 – Dec 1.

Thursday the 29th
Motorcycle Boy (Joe Mitchell/USA)
– Two youths encounter the local tough guy.
Future Self (Sean Lewis/USA) – A strange series of VHS tapes help a man get noticed by the woman he likes…for better or worse.
Pigeon (Christopher Lange/USA) – In a post-apocalyptic world, one man searches a pigeon.
Object (Sydney Southam/Canada) – An exploration of what happens to ones relationship with their own body when one performs professionally for the male gaze.
Unravel (Evan Luchkow/Canada) – As two conspiracy theorists begin to connect, one starts to unravel.
Manifest Destiny (Alex Faoro/USA) – Capitalism, America, Hamburgers.
Eviction (Oscar De Leon/USA) – Strange things begin to happen to a down on his luck man
Dying Light (Luke Whitmore/Canada) – A technician tries to help a dying man fix a lightbulb.

A/S/L (Benjamin Swicker/USA)
– A chatroom conversion takes a sinister turn.
Greater Good (Andrea Ashton/USA) – A pregnant woman learns a hard truth about the future.
High Tea (Luke Meneok/Canada) – A nightmarish abductor and his abductee get high.
Donuts (Bren Anduze/USA) – A mysterious suited figure finds himself trapped within the confines of a late night donut shop.
Wolf (Maziyar Khatam/Canada) – A lonely but revenge seeking man employs a sinister crew.
Sunny (Julian Vetrone/Canada) – A man writes a suicide letter.
Cult Film (Alastair Cummings/UK) – A lonely bachelor seeks solace in an extra-terrestrial cult.

Friday the 30th
Medium Rare (Luca Cioci/Italy)

Living with a Monster (Joffrey Saintrapt/Canada) – A monster visits a mourning alcoholic.
The Noise of the Night (Valentin Petit/France) – Two friends make a disturbing discovery about their pal: she appears to be able to synthesise into sound the light she is exposed to.
Reflekt (Kevin Saxby/Canada) – A morning shower is ruined when a reflection and hot-headed dad interrupt it.
Almost Sunny (Vittorio Guidotti/Italy) – Hunting for some rays.
Schwartzy (Aleks Vujosevic/Canada) – A young man’s fixation with Arnold Schwarzenegger results in both family drama and physical changes.
Feel (Tony Hinds, Luke Whitmore and Sean Guezen/Canada) – a teenager has no idea how emotions feel.

Goodnight, Gracie (Stellan Kendrick/USA) – A young girl tries to save herself from an axe-wielding mad man with the power of prayer.
Experiment TC-9585 (Todd Redenius/USA) –  When a mad scientist tests his new cure, he accidentally transforms himself into a monster and terrorizes a girl who breaks into his house.
Nibbles: I. Sexy Snacks, II. Yo-Yo & III. Size 0 Hero (Liberty Antonia Sadler/UK)
Nakey Apron 3.0 Pilot (Llyn Stransky/USA) – A children’s show
Unsubscribe (Rob White/Canada) – A man unsubscribes from a mailing list…or did he
Entropia (Marinah Janello/USA) – Using witchcraft, an aging woman attempts to return to youth.
CLAW (Christopher Litten/USA) – An adult film performer meets a mysterious producer and discovers the true price of fame.
Exsanguinata (Gretchen Heinel/USA) – A noblewoman and her devotees perpetuate their power by preying upon her subjects.

Saturday the 1st
Stray Pigeons (John Bean/Canada) – Two street kids search for a missing dog and bag of coke.
The Program (Michael Elliott Dennis/USA) – A collection of strange self-help tapes captivate a store clerk.
Two Queens, a King and a God? (Anya Chirkova and Maziyar Khatam/Canada) – Brat vs. mom and his girlfriend over a TV channel.
1st Day & Next Minute (Sara Koppel/Denmark) – A trippy, gender fluid animation about life.
Make Out Party (Emily Esperanza/USA) – See title
Beth’s three o’clock with Dr. Harlow (Emma Penaz Eisner/USA) – A dream analysis.
Hysteria (Lucretia Grimm/USA) – A nightmare fairy tale.

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra (Shayna Connelly/USA ) – A doc about an paranormal investigation who happens to be an experimental composer.
Beast (Natalie Peracchio/USA) – A child’s rage towards her older sibling manifests as a magical spider.
Spyglass (Chris Hunt/USA) – Two men attempt to unravel the truth of a friends disappearance.
Hannya (Daniel Mine/Italy) – The story of Hannya, the demon of jealousy.
Night Terrier (Neil Krowly and Adam Singer/Canada) – A neglected pet dog finds companionship in the form of a murderous demon.
Mother Fucker (Nicholas Payne Santos/USA) – To save his dog, a young blue blood finds himself in a nightmarish position.
Waste (Katy Klein and Efraim Acevedo Klein/USA) – A young woman goes through the classic stages of grief when she discovers her tattoo artist might have a boner.
Freelancer (Francisco Lacerda and Francisco A. Lopes/Finland) – A death cult caught on tape.

With comedy performances by Isabel Zaw-Tun, Joel Edmiston and Cassaundra Cabral

Some films may contain troubling content including violence, sexuality and strong language. Must be 19+ to attend.

Venue 2018


The 2018 Videodrunk Film Festival will take place at the Silver Mill in Toronto.

The Silver Mill is devoted to creating a transdisciplinary space serving Toronto’s East End’s creative community that bridges the gap between traditional artistic practices and technology, and where the exploration and realization of unique projects can flourish.

We are pleased to be working with them.

In addition the 2018 edition will be dedicated to the memory of our friend Madeline Scheur.

Seeking 2018 Volunteers


Videodrunk is seeking volunteers to help with the 2018 festival. Must be in either Toronto or Hamilton and have some film experience. This job is ideal for students.

Duties include
– Assisting with film judgement
– Assisting with promotion
– contacting filmmakers, venues and sponsors

Please share if you know someone who might be interested

Email videodrunkfest@gmail.com for more info

Videodrunk Tour: Boston Info


If you’re in the Boston-area come check out February Dispatches: The Best of the Videodrunk Film Festival of Toronto on February 1st at the Somerville Theater. The event will be the second stop on Videodrunk’s Winter tour. This show will be a condensed version of our Hamilton show with the following films:

  • byefurnow (Michael Elliott Dennis/USA) – 2016
  • Hey Superman (Jonathon MB Hunter/Canada) – 2015
  • Technicolor Angst (Ketchup Freeland/USA) – 2016
  • One Hell of a Party (Austen Payne/Canada) – 2017
  • McDavid (Conor McNally/Canada) – 2016
  • Virtual Reality (Rob White/Canada) – 2017
  • The Jerry Show (Stephen Stull/USA) – 2017
  • Craig, the Loneliest Man in the World, Makes a Friend, Loses a Friend and Subsequently Learns the Value of Solitude (Ted Stenson/Canada) – 2015
  • Lady and the Tooth (Shaun Clark/UK) – 2014

This show is part of Dispatches From The Underground, a series of features or curated shorts block presented every month at the Somerville Theater by the Boston Underground Film Festival.

Tickets are $5 and can be bought on Eventbrite
RSVP on Facebook

We dedicate this screening to Tony Hunt and Johnny Bower

Videodrunk – the best of tour 2018


Because Videodrunk has been able to last this long, we’ve been able to make some nice friends who like what we’re doing. As a result they’ve asked us to throw together a best of playlist of sorts and hit the road. Meaning we’re driving an hour to Hamilton and then flying an hour to Boston.

The “best of” tour will include a Canadian heavy line-up of past audience favourites and prize winners and will take place on Jan. 6 at Hamilton’s Casino Artspace and Feb. 1 at Boston’s Somerville Theater (ok it’s in Somerville, not Boston), presented with the aid of Boston Underground Film Festival.

The line-ups will not be announced because surprise!

Hamilton Facebook Page