2021 at 5 Paddles

We are pleased to announce that, pending COVID regulations, we will be hosting the 2021 Videodrunk Film Festival at Whitby’s acclaimed 5 Paddles Brewing Company. Established in 2013, 5 Paddles has become an adventurous staple of Ontario’s craft beer scene.

This is the start of what we hope will be a fruitful partnership for both parties.

We also are pleased to welcome back Exclaim.

Submissions now open at FilmFreeway.

2020 News

The 2020 edition of Videodrunk took place on Festivee and was a smashing success. We would like to thank all the filmmakers involved for making it an amazing experience in spite of how things are right now.

With that we would like to acknowledge our 2020 Videodrunk Award winners

King Videor: Cold Blooded by Kidd Tommy
Best Canadiana: When You Are Wild by Greg Hemmings
Pop Film Prize: Betty June Gloom by Autumn Perrotta
Feature Film Pick: Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at its Lowest & Best by Andrew J. Morgan and Nick Nummerdor
Pop Feature Film: Ninja Badass by Ryan Harrison
Special Mention for Individual Achievement: Heather Heinrichs for her work on The Clog

Intertoto (Programmer’s Pick of Each Block)
Millions of Dead Canadians: Lifelike
Modern Sounds in Screams: Serious Matters in the Middle of the Night
It’ll End in Tears: Black Jeans WHOA and See the Animal (shared)
Peaceful Viewing: The Speed of Time
The Real World: Februarium!!
Mind Eraser, No Chaser: Humanity’s Wing

Videodrunk Regulars Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Festival
Virgil Widrich (co-director of tx-reverse)
Gabrielle Lenhard (director of Garage Sale)

Special thanks to Festivee and Exclaim for everything this year.

We would also like to announce that work has begun on the 2021 edition and submissions will be opening soon on FilmFreeway. Also on our Facebook page and YouTube channel we starting our own mini-talk show so keep and eye out for those!

2020 Line Up

Here is the line-up for the 2020 edition of Videodrunk. It will be broadcasted live at https://videodrunk.festivee.com/


Fall Back Down (Sara Beth Edwards, Canada) – running December 2-6
Ninja Badass (Ryan Harrison, Australia) – running December 3-4
Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at its Lowest & Best (Andrew J. Morgan, Nicholas Nummerdor, USA) – running December 4-5
Sister Tempest (Joe Badon, USA) – running December 5-6

Short Film Blocks (all running 12/02-06)

Millions of Dead Canadians: A Canadiana Horror Show
Raw Milk (Ronan Nanning-Watson, Canada)
Melody (Mitchell LeBlanc, Canada)
The Clog (Heather Heinrichs, Canada)
Lifelike (Jay Reid, Canada)
Hard Ground (Samuel E. Mac, Canada)
Nico Lives (Travis Welowszky, Canada)

Modern Sounds in Screams: Fear from the Outside
Wild Eyes (Nina Prange, Germany) 
Betty June Gloom (Autumn Perrotta, USA)
Serious Matters in the Middle of the Night (Josh Copeland, USA)
Livin’ After Midnight (Joe Mitchell, USA)
Pretty Bonnets (Mick Dow, UK)
Karaoke Night (Francisco Lacerda, Portugal)
In Your Eyes (DT Kofoed, USA)
Keys (Cameron Berkman, USA)
Cold Blooded (Kidd Tommy, USA)

It’ll End in Tears: The Funniest Show on Earth
Super-Cahuete (Nicolas Gueniot, Réunion)
Little Smokies (Brett Smith, USA)
Isolation Art – Recreating Masterpieces (Katharina Dietl, Germany)
The Millionaire’s Burger (Rob White, Canada)
Garage Sale (Gabrielle Lenhard, USA)
Til Life Do Us Part (Aaron Goldenberg, USA)
Black Jeans WHOA (Bob Rose and Michael C. Stettes, USA)
See the Animal (Calum Marshall, UK)

The Real World: Documentation
Februarium!! (John Summerson, USA)
When You Are Wild (Greg Hemmings, Canada)
The Magician (Matthew Kaundart, USA)
Adele (Joe DiBenedetto, Canada)
It’s Not For You (Jordan Green, Australia)

Peaceful Viewing: Films for Everyone
Girls to the Front! (Erin Richardson, Canada)
The Speed of Time (William J. Stribling, USA)
IT’S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide) (Daniela Di Salvo, Canada)
No Nuts (Iara Rachel, USA)
An Evening of Cocktails and Calamity (Rowan Landaiche, Canada)
Layover (Olivier Frigon, Canada)
And Then God Laughed (Sonya Z. Dagata and Carlos Robles-Gil/Czech Republic)
The First Jellyfish (Sébastien Pesle/France)
i still call it home (Cassandra Tytler/Australia)

Mind Eraser, No Chaser: Experiments in Cinema
Because Time (Nicole Rayburn, Canada)
Only Tomorrow (Cecil Selwyn, USA)
Alaska (Josh Deane, USA)
A Very JNCOS Movie (Zoe Katz, USA)
Humanity’s Wing (Tiz (Daniel Tysdal), Canada)
tx-reverse (Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich, Austria)

2019 Selections

Late-Night Features

Thursday Nov 28th

  • Wowzers (Ace Thor/USA) – CANADIAN PREMIER

Friday Nov 29th

  • Lake Michigan Monster (Ryland Tews/USA) – ONTARIO PREMIER

Saturday Nov 30th

  • Lieutenant Jangles (Nicolas Champeaux/Australia) – ONTARIO PREMIER

CanCon in Under 2 Minutes Competition

  • Whiskey Face (Brent Bouchard/Canada)
  • The Daily Talks (Colten Pearson/Canada)
  • Everything I know I Learned from The Simpsons (Shahbaz Khayambashi/Canada)
  • El Ayuwoki (Gary Ye/Canada)
  • He and Me (Michele Kaye/Canada)
  • Three Shots Each (Maurice Cormier/Canada)

Official Selections

  • Adulthood (Daniel Kiwacka/USA)
  • Aim High (Daniel McGuire/Canada)
  • Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (Fabio Soares/France)
  • The Congregation (CHRZU/Finland)
  • Crypto (Charles A. Townsend/USA)
  • Dad’s Car (Rob White/Canada)
  • Dankalicious (Austin Stock/Canada)
  • Dead Girls Rising (Pimvenus Clark/USA)
  • Dead Weight (Cody Ray Thompson/Canada)
  • Dethheads U.S.A. (Danny Denial/USA)
  • Do Turtles Swim in Maple Syrup? (Paul-Daniel Torres/Canada)
  • Dull Hope (Brian Ratigan/USA)
  • Elder Abuse (Drew Durepos/USA)
  • Fuck You, Steve (Nicholas Hartman/USA)
  • Fucked Up Point Blank (Shayna Connelly/USA)
  • Hell to Play (Sarah Effinger/USA)
  • Lekaime (Xanti Rodriguez/Spain)
  • Light Matter (Virgil Widrich/Austria)
  • Loser Says What? (David Vassos/Canada)
  • Michael! (Kevin Ackley/USA)
  • Snowflake (Michael Tanton/Canada)
  • New Year’s Kiss (DT Kofoed & Lee Ivy/USA)
  • NOVA (Andréanne Germain/Canada)
  • Once Bitten… (Pete Tomkies/UK)
  • Only Trumpets (Tristan Scott-Behrends/USA)
  • The Other Side (Jesse de Rocquigny/Canada)
  • Pimples N’ Nipples (Derek Viveiros/USA)
  • Press 1 for Redemption (Max Ward/UK)
  • Pâté (Matthew Emery/USA)
  • Sasquatches (Stewart Jay Koski/USA)
  • Sports Day (Lin Tu/China)
  • (Vincent Masson/Canada)
  • Stoner (Sydney Southam/Canada)
  • Sucks For Us All (Kevin Davis/USA)
  • Sun Eater (Diego Silveira/Canada)
  • The Tattooed Heart (Sheldon Wong Schwartz/USA)
  • Tom has a Plant (Thinh Nguyen/Denmark)
  • Wonder Mag (Joe Quartararo/USA)
  • Wunderkammer (Jennifer Linton/Canada)

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