October 30th is the extended deadline for Videodrunk. All films welcome but there is a preference for comedy/romance/animation.

To submit send a youtube or vimeo link to


Director’s name
-Year it was made in
-Country it was made in
-Past screenings

Final Day for Submissions

In 27 hours submissions for the 2014 Videodrunk Film Festival will close. If interested in submitting a film send a link (vimeo, youtube ect.) to us at with some basic bits of info (director’s name, nation of production, year of production, runtime, genre and any past public screenings). If film is not in English please send a subtitled version or include an English version of the script. All genres welcomed and all filmmakers will be informed of their film’s status by October 31st.

For those of you who don’t know Videodrunk will be held at the White House Studio Project in Toronto’s Kensington Market between November 20-22nd.

5 Days to Send your Films

Final five days to submit your films for Videodrunk. Email your submissions (via youtube or vimeo link) to Give us the basics in the email (Directors name, country of production, run time, year of release and any past screenings and awards). By October 31st we will have selected all films and will inform everyone of their films status. Have a good day.

10 Days to Submit your Films

We’ve reached the final 10 days to submit to the first edition of VIDEODRUNK. Send all submissions to When you submit remember to include a) the title and director’s name b) runtime c) country of origin and d) any past screenings.

We will inform everyone of their films status by October 31st.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your submissions.