2014 Line Up

We’ve selected the short that will be presented at the 2014 Videodrunk Film Festival. Over the next few days there by be a few additions but for now here’s what we’ve got set up for you to enjoy.

Friday, November 21st
1st Half
How to Settle a Payment on a Horse (John Mutter/Canada/2014)
The Applicant (John Lagerholm/USA/2014)
Smaller Than (Joseph Duncombe/UK/2014)
Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart (Clint Enns/Canada/2013)
The Dentist (Jonathon MB Hunter/Canada/2013)
Snowglobe (Anthony D Porter/USA/2013)
Auroratone Digitalis (Alex MacKenzie/Canada/2012)

2nd Half
How to Erase the Past (John Mutter/Canada/2014)
Materia/Substance (Allison Moore/Brazil & Canada/2012)
LOXFirst (Miles Forrester/Canada/2014)
The Door Jostler: Director’s Cut (Nick Andrews/USA/2014)
The Sit (John Lagerholm/USA/2014)
Cutie (Dustin Puehler/USA/2014)
Lady and the Tooth (Shaun Clark/UK/2013)

Saturday, November 22nd
1st Half
Mercenaries 1 (Kevin MacDonald/Canada/2014)
Game Night (Noah Blodgett and Jacob LaMoutain/USA/2014)
Bats (Catherine Polcz/Canada/2014)
Goodbye Marko (Matthew Taylor Blais/Canada/2014)
Saudade (Jacques Lockwood/UK/2014)
Moonrise (Nicholas Brotman/Canada/2013)
Recoil (Richard Keaney/Ireland/2014)
Chant Silencieux (Agnes Quillet/France/2011)

Bowling Rolling Pushing Tipping Trundling

2nd Half
Mercenaries 2 (Kevin MacDonald/Canada/2014)
Hide and Seek (Kayoko Asakura/Japan/2013)
Energy Chart (Alicia Grant/Germany/2014)
Full Tilt (Magill Foote/Canada/2014)
Forward Biased Condition (John Woods/Canada/2013)
Assemble (Matt Greenwood/Canada/2014)
Mercenaries 3 (Kevin MacDonald/Canada/2014)
Bowling Rolling Pushing Tipping Trundling (Josh Hite/Canada/2014)
Nile Perch (Joshua Gibson/Uganda/2013)
Schlock Fish (Esteban Uribe/Colombia & USA/2014)

For more detail on these films click here and if you wanna let us know if you’re coming click here

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