Awards and the Festival

Friday and Saturday saw the first ever Videodrunk take place in Kensington Market. A good time was had by all thanks to a combo of a playful set-up, pop corn, beer and some mind bending short films. We want to thank everyone who took part (from the filmmakers to those who loaned us cars to get everything to the venue) as well as the audience for coming out despite cold November rains and fire at Sherbourne station to make the event a wonderful time for all the filmmakers who turned out (especially for those who drove out from Massachusetts).

As with most film festival’s, we had awards and here are the results.

Best of Fest: Nile Perch by Joshua Gibson
Best Canadian of Fest: The Dentist by Jonathon Hunter
Best Performance: Carolina Parakeet‘s Myles Cranford

Special Mentions
Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart by Clint Enns
Lady and the Tooth by Shaun Clark
Hide and Seek by Kayoko Asakura
Schlock Fish by Esteban Uribe

On winning the Best of Fest prize Joshua Gibson had this to say:

Nile Perch is a hand made film. My process, however, which involves the use of unorthodox print stocks with low sensitivities, low shooting ratios, and a bulky camera, also force my subjects to become collaborators and performers of their own existence. I’d like to thank the fisherman Richard Kazito and the other collaborators in the film for participating and collaborating with me. Invasive species like the Nile Perch offer up plenty of moral ambiguities and perhaps even remind us that humans are the most successful invasive species around.”

Once again we want to thank everyone who made this weekend a smash.

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