2015 Festival Line Up

We’re proud to announce the line up for the 2015 Videodrunk Film Festival, presented by Modern Superior, happening December 3-5 at the White House Studio Project.  Don’t forget to RSVP on our festival Facebook page and check-out the detailed line-up for more info.

Thursday (December 3rd)
Nationaltime – Canada – Dir. Christine Lucy Latimer
Banana Bike Bloodbath – Canada – Dir. Luke Meneok
Hey Superman – Canada – Dir. Jonathon Hunter
Godskin – Germany – Dir. Wanda Vrasti
Self-Deportation: The Untold Tale of a Marginal Woman – USA – Dir. Eugene Sun Park
On Your Feet Woman – Scotland – Dir. Evi Tsiligaridou
XO – USA – Dir. Brian Ratigan
February 28 – Russia – Dir. Diana Galimzyanova
Late Arrivals – Ireland – Dir. Richard Keaney
Collinsville Trade Day, 1988 – USA – Dir. Jason and Charles Keener

Runaway Day – Greece – Dir. Dimitris Bavellas

Friday (December 4th)
Alberta – Canada – Dir. Dan Browne
Disobedience – Turkey – Dir. Baris Alp
Willa – Germany – Dir. Helena Hufnagel
Afterwards – Northern Ireland – Dir. Michael Barwise
Hard Copy – Canada – Dir. Jeremy Kane
The Car – Canada – Dir. Joffrey Saintrapt
Snooze Tease – Canada – Dir. Tim Phillips
Knockers – France – Dir. Arnaud Mangin
The Girl Bunnies: ROCKETSHIP – Canada – Francoise Doherty

Frisky – USA – Dir. Claudia Pickering

Saturday (December 5th)
Storage Space – Canada – Dir. Fraser Wrighte
http:// – Poland – Dir. Bartosz Kruhlik
Deseo – Argentina – Dir. Carolina Cortella
The Grid – England – Dir. Andi Osho
Selfie – Iran – Dir. Ali Erfan Farhadi
I Could Eat a Horse – England – Dir. Jake Hovell
Waffle – USA – Dir. Rafael De Leon Jr
Getting Ready for a Lunch Date – Canada – Dir. Patrick Hodgson
Texting: A Love Story – USA – Dir. Jeanette L. Buck
Aqua Fin – USA – Dir. Chad Perz
Craig, the Loneliest Man in the World, Makes a Friend, Loses a Friend and Subsequently Learns the Value of Solitude – Canada – Dir. Ted Stenson
IndefiniteLate Fee – Canada – Dir. Magill Foote

My Name is Jonah – USA – Dir. Phil Healy and JB Sapienza

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