PreFestival Prize announcements

Videodrunk is excited to announce the winners of founder M Rooney’s Intertoto picks!

Intertoto is solely selected by Rooney and is awarded to the film each night he feels best represents the spirit of Videodrunk that did not win either The King Videor (Best Film) or Best Canadian Film. The award is named for the retired UEFA championship that was presented as a “Cup for the Cupless” and an excuse to bet on soccer during the off season.

The winners of this year’s Intertoto prizes are Thursday’s Danny Wylde (Matthew Kaundart/USA), Friday’s Afraid to Smile (Ilja Rautsi/Finland) and Saturday’s Technicolor Angst (Ketchup Freeland/USA).

We are also excited to announce our first ever Wooden Spoon for the film that finished last in judging that got in. teleVision Quest (Terry Cover/USA) achieved this feat and when asked if he was fine with us presenting his film as the Wooden Spoon, Mr. Cover approved so we are not jerks.

Congrats to these filmmakers and thank you Mr. Cover for being a good sport.

Also we’ve decided to call Best Film the King Videor because we’re all big King Vidor fans. The King Videor, Best Canadian Film and Pick of the Crowd will be announced on Saturday at the festival. If you don’t know Vidor, here’s a quote about him.

“Although mention of his name doesn’t ring the same bells that Ford, Hawks or Hitchcock does, his is nonetheless one of Hollywood’s most distinguished careers, spanning nearly half a century and encompassing a formidable number of great films, genuine classics, and intensely personal projects that he managed to get made in the midst of the studio system.” – Leonard Maltin’s Movie Encyclopedia, 1995


Technicolor Angst (Ketchup Freenland/USA) is the Intertoto pick for Saturday

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