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The 2017 Videodrunk Film Festival happened at Farside on November 30th and December 1st.

It was presented with the aid of Farside, Sweet Grass Brewing, Troi Mailing Services and Fa.real Clothing.



Thursday (11/30) – 8:15

Pretty Empty (Grace Cannon/USA) – A young grocer’s late night shift becomes life defining when his boss harasses a young woman.

Mary Mother (Sadam Wahidi/Afghanistan) – Following news of the fall of Kunduz to the Taliban, a mother ventures into the region to find her son.


Love-in-idleness (Kim Noce/UK)

Infinite (Connor O’Hara/UK) – With the help of his closest friends, a young man lives his last months.
Best Short Film of the Loch Ness Film Festival 2017

Your Date Is Here (Zak White and Tod Spence/USA) – During a game of Your Date is Here (think Mystery Date), a mother and daughter begin experiencing some odd little things.
“…Your Date is Here ends up feeling like the first scene in a feature film. And that is a good thing because it just means you want more…” – Bloody Popcorn

Wax Poetic (Sara Heathfield/Canada) – A candle maker wants to sell ugly candles and hang out with arty friend while her boyfriend wants her to get a job.

Sydney I Love You (Yiani Andrikidis/Australia) – Two sock puppets meet and fall in love.

Bubblegum (Rose Hendry/UK) – While stuck in a bubble, a girl dreams of the sunset.

What’s Revenge (Kat Hunt/USA) – Encouraged by her friend, a woman takes revenge on the men in her life.
“…A hybrid of confessional documentary and speculative fiction that mixes seemingly discordant formal strategies with graceful aplomb…” – Brooklyn Magazine

Midnights (Rita Ferrando/Canada) – A woman returns home following a surgery she was manipulated into.
MUFFPicks selection of the MUFF Society

Circles of Confusion

Circles of Confusion (Jason Britski/Canada)

Empty Cans (Darcy Fitzpatrick/Canada) – Two friends meet on the roof top, where a friend spent their final moments, to drink.

Robo Greaser (Dakota Arseneault/Canada) – On the closing day of his beloved roller rink, a retro robot does his best to survive his final shift despite a number of odd characters.

Transmission (Varun Raman and Tom Hancock/UK) – The UK warps into the dystopian Britannia and a man finds himself in a bunker with a doctor.
“…Visually creative and stimulating, anchored by a superb performance from James Hyland Transmission brings classic dystopian cinema to the modern era…” – Screen Anarchy

Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest – 11:35

The Contract (CHRZU/Finland) – A drag queen’s day is ruined when a Jehova’s Witness rings her doorbell causing her dog to lose it.
“…This film is strange, and surreal, and maybe not a little shocking to some viewers. But it is funny…” – Horror News

Fangs & Claws 2

Fangs & Claws 2 (Francisco Lacerda/Portugal) – Tourists and partygoers at a summer lake resort are being terrorized by a monstrous creature that escaped from the hands of the military. Meanwhile, a dinosaur hatchling is at large and is about to join in the carnage with catastrophic results

Fried Barry (Ryan Kruger/South Africa) – A trip

Kromax (AKA Real State) (Daniel Nickel/Canada) – A death caused by one’s obsession with a real estate company.


Elliot (Craig Jacobson/USA) – Set in the dark depths of a strictly controlled universe, enter the world of a lonely maintenance worker named ELLIOT who struggles to discover his true identity only to fall down a hellish rabbit hole.
“…this film is as visually inventive as it is mentally stimulating. It’s gritty, strange, shot on VHS, and filled with vibrant colors, fantastical characters, and terrifying surprises. ELLIOT is bound to stimulate your senses and get under your skin…” – Daily Dead

One Hell of a Party

Friday – 8:15

Death Count (William Dio/Canada) – A stranger challenges the fastest shot in Montana to a duel.

Troll: A Southern Tale (Marinah Janello/USA) – A doc about a Southerner as he talks about his worldview, online trolling, underground music, and Mississippi.
“A rare and riveting glimpse into the simple yet sadistic mind of an online troll who takes relish in the fear of others – a damning doc for sure.” – Why So Blu

Neck and Neck (Shaun Clark/UK)

The Traps (Carolina Cortella/Argentina) – Two couples struggling with different levels of commitment and expectations.
“…In just several minutes Cortella manages to weave together a story in her film that questions the traps people lay, and who ends up getting caught in them…” El Reportero San Francisco

The Pooka (Luke Boyce/USA) – A man in a rabbit costume tries to rekindle a spark.
“Funny, unsettling and surprisingly moving – The Pooka is the kind of short film that makes me forget why we make the long ones.” – Joss Whedon

Minotauress (Diana Galimzyanova/Finland) – The ancient story of the minotaur told from the point of view of the female minotaur.

ID (Dana Jacobs/USA)

Up and Arise

Up and Arise (Raanan Berger/Israel) – Likey is a man who was raised by his Master as a dog. When he succeeds to escape from his Master’s home, he discovers that the outside world conducts itself differently than we would aspect.
Winner of Most Promising Director of the Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival (2016)

Above the Mist (Gabriel Galand/South Korea) – A young man seeks an assisted suicide with an illegal agency in South Korea.

A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North (Christopher and James Healey/Canada) – A look at what it’s like to use Tinder, and other apps, in Dawson City, Yukon.

One Hell of a Party (Austen Payne/Canada) – Two girls use their first college party to find a pure soul for Satan.

Donkey (Marc Wiltshire and Sangchul Lee/Canada) – A parent mourns the loss of a child.

Undone (Lyle Kash/USA) – A man falls from the sky. Dead birds appear everywhere.

Go To Hell! (Charlie Tyrell/Canada) – The once wunderkind Leibowitz triplets return to their childhood home after the death of their parents.


Slowville (Alex Meunier/Canada) – An explorer visits a strange town, and is seduced by its glory.

As Cool As A Cucumber (Dave Starr/Australia and Canada) – A day in the life of two pineapples in their mid-20s.

A Short Film About Perverts (Ted Stenson/Canada) – See title

Virtual Reality (Rob White/Canada) – Two men have with VR headsets.
People’s Choice Award of the Pile of Bones Film Underground Festival
“Hilarious and twisted” – Lowell Dean, director of Wolfcop and Another Wolfcop

Poor Man’s Evil Dead (Kristine Kleist, Kevin Buessecker and Zach Bryson/Canada) – A no-budget remake of sorts of the Evil Dead.

Osteopathy (Alastair Train/UK) – A osteopath at a family run clinic, is finally given a chance to treat the patients in place of his injured, overbearing father. What could go wrong?

Full Waveform Inversion (David Nast Cole/USA) – To reduce stress, human brains are connected to the happiest beings on earth: plants.

Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest – 11:35

Banshee (Adam O’Brien/Canada) – A little girl has been strange since getting lost in the woods and now her big sister is watching her.

Something To Save You (Vis Vitalis/Russia) – A couple’s weekend getaway to the cottage is ruined when zombies rise.
“…marvelous…” – Dread Central


Croak (Matt Barrett/USA) – A bro gets mad and takes his anger out on frogs with some scary results.
Best Local Short of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival

The Power (Jacob Smith/USA) – A conspiracy theorist uncovers an unexpected conspiracy when his sinister kidnapping plans for a cam girl go wrong.

The Jerry Show (Stephen Stull/USA) – A gay man must live with a very unfortunate evil character living in his stomach.

The Bachelorette Party (Micah Vassau/USA) – Two brothers step up to give their sister a bachelorette party that turns into a nightmarish time.

The Last Song for a Rude Heart

The Last Song for a Rude Heart (Marco Antônio Pereira/Brazil) – A lonely old man mourns the death of his wife and rocks out with aliens.

Pre-Show (Presented both nights at 7:15 – Line up my change)

Possums in the Roof (Deborah White/Australia)
Umbra (Brenna Baines/Canada)
Diabetes (Nick Gatsby/USA)
I Know Places (Gabrielle Lenhard/USA)
Astral Atomic (Sean J. Kenny, PhD./USA)
I Like It Better When You Do It (Jordan Harrison/USA)
This Video is Harmless (John Kelley/USA)
pepsi, cola, water? (Tom Bogaert/Egypt)
Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings’ Ghost, Ghost (Ryan Wicks/USA)

More detail to come soon

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