2017 Videodrunk Films

We are pleased to announce the films for Videodrunk 2017’s main program and Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest

  • Robo Greaser by Dakota Arseneault (Canada)
  • WHAT’S REVENGE by Kat Hunt (USA)
  • Your Date Is Here by Zak White and Todd Spence (USA)
  • Donkey by Marc Wiltshire and Sangchul Lee (Canada)
  • Death Count by William Dio (Canada)
  • Sydney I Love You by Yiani Andrikidis (Australia)
  • Midnights by Rita Ferrando and  Solange Desrochers (Canada)
  • Osteopathy by Alastair Train (UK)
  • Go to Hell! by Charlie Tyrell (Canada)
  • Circles of Confusion by Jason Britski (Canada)
  • Minotauress by Diana Galimzyanova (Finland)
  • One Hell of a Party by Austen Payne (Canada)
  • Pretty Empty by Grace Cannon (USA)
  • Mary Mother by Sadam Wahidi (Afghanistan)
  • Poor Man’s Evil Dead by Kristine Kleist, Kevin Buessecker and Zach Bryson (Canada)
  • A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North by Christopher and James Healey (Canada)
  • The Pooka by Luke Boyce (USA)
  • Full Waveform Inversion by David Nast Cole (USA)
  • As Cool As A Cucumber by David Starr (Australia)
  • Transmission by Varun Raman and Tom Hancock (UK)
  • Empty Cans by Darcy Fitzpatrick (Canada)
  • Troll: A Southern Tale by Marinah Janello (USA)
  • Virtual Reality by Rob White (Canada)
  • Bubblegum by Rose Hendry (UK)
  • I.D. by Dana Jacobs (USA)
  • Above the Mist by Gabriel Galand (South Korea)
  • Slowville by Alex Meunier (Canada)
  • Undone by Lyle Kash (USA)
  • Wax Poetic by Sara Heathfield (Canada)
  • Love-in-idleness by Kim Noce (UK)
  • Up and Arise by Raanan Berger (Israel)
  • Infinite by Connor O’Hara (UK)
  • A Short Film About Perverts by Ted Stenson (Canada)
  • The Traps by Carolina Cortella (Argentina)
  • Neck and Neck by Shaun Clark (UK)

Late Night Heavymetalweight Extremedgey Somewhereoutthere Mircofest

  • Elliot by Craig Jacobson (USA)
  • The Last Song for a Rude Heart by Marco Antônio Pereira (Brazil)
  • The Jerry Show by Stephen Stull (USA)
  • Fried Barry by Ryan Kruger (South Africa)
  • Croak by Matt Barrett (USA)
  • The Power by Jacob Smith (USA)
  • The Contract by CHRZU (Finland)
  • The Bachelorette Party by Micah Vassau (USA)
  • Banshee by Adam O’Brien (Canada)
  • Fangs & Claws 2 by Francisco Lacerda (Portugal)
  • Something To Save You by Vis Vitalis (Russia)
  • Kromax (AKA Real State) by Daniel Nickel (Canada)

Reminder Videodrunk 2017 will take place November 30th and December 1st at Farside in Toronto. Preshow starts at 7 and will be announced on October 25th along with the proper line-up.

Presented by Sweetgrass Brewing Co.

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