Videodrunk 2017


Sorry for the delay….we needed a detox. Videodrunk 2017 has come and gone and boy was it swell. We want to thank Farside, Sweetgrass, Fa-Rael, Troi, Pile of Bones, BUFFFilm Freeway, Made of Worms, Lex Corbert, Dayaan and Dayna Edwards, Michael E. Dennis, Ryan Wicks, Emil Terziev, Joseph Zambri and all our our patrons for coming out. Most of all we want to thank the filmmakers for making the event one of our strongest programs yet! You are all wonderful and talented and we at Videodrunk adore you.

We want to thank those who travelled into too attend, it means the world to us that you value you events like this enough to come to Toronto from L.A., Chicago, Hamilton, VA and Hamilton, ON. It melts our hearts to see that kind of love for film.

We again got to offer films that would otherwise not be seen by the city of Toronto and we take pride in doing so no matter where they originated (Afghanistan, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Finland, Brazil). It’s fucking awesome that an event as tiny as Videodrunk was given the chance to show such a global array of talent by you and we thank you.

We are thankful to the filmmakers from Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Regina and Dawson City allowed us the chance to show some of the best works Canadians are currently making. Thank you.

With all festivals we have some prize winners and they were

BEST CANADIAN FILM: POOR MAN’S EVIL DEAD (Kristine Kleist, Kevin Buessecker and Zach Bryson/Canada)

It’s getting late here and we’re drunk and there are likely typos in the message so we want to close by saying THANK YOU, we had a lot of glitches this year but this event was worth every minute of it. We hope to see you next year with some big news.

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