Videodrunk Tour: Boston Info


If you’re in the Boston-area come check out February Dispatches: The Best of the Videodrunk Film Festival of Toronto on February 1st at the Somerville Theater. The event will be the second stop on Videodrunk’s Winter tour. This show will be a condensed version of our Hamilton show with the following films:

  • byefurnow (Michael Elliott Dennis/USA) – 2016
  • Hey Superman (Jonathon MB Hunter/Canada) – 2015
  • Technicolor Angst (Ketchup Freeland/USA) – 2016
  • One Hell of a Party (Austen Payne/Canada) – 2017
  • McDavid (Conor McNally/Canada) – 2016
  • Virtual Reality (Rob White/Canada) – 2017
  • The Jerry Show (Stephen Stull/USA) – 2017
  • Craig, the Loneliest Man in the World, Makes a Friend, Loses a Friend and Subsequently Learns the Value of Solitude (Ted Stenson/Canada) – 2015
  • Lady and the Tooth (Shaun Clark/UK) – 2014

This show is part of Dispatches From The Underground, a series of features or curated shorts block presented every month at the Somerville Theater by the Boston Underground Film Festival.

Tickets are $5 and can be bought on Eventbrite
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We dedicate this screening to Tony Hunt and Johnny Bower