2018 Line-Up


Freelancer (Francisco Lacerda and Francisco A. Lopes/Finland)

Doors at 8:30/Show at a hard 9 each night at the Silver Mill (10 Dawes Road)
Nov 29 – Dec 1.

Thursday the 29th
Motorcycle Boy (Joe Mitchell/USA)
– Two youths encounter the local tough guy.
Future Self (Sean Lewis/USA) – A strange series of VHS tapes help a man get noticed by the woman he likes…for better or worse.
Pigeon (Christopher Lange/USA) – In a post-apocalyptic world, one man searches a pigeon.
Object (Sydney Southam/Canada) – An exploration of what happens to ones relationship with their own body when one performs professionally for the male gaze.
Unravel (Evan Luchkow/Canada) – As two conspiracy theorists begin to connect, one starts to unravel.
Manifest Destiny (Alex Faoro/USA) – Capitalism, America, Hamburgers.
Eviction (Oscar De Leon/USA) – Strange things begin to happen to a down on his luck man
Dying Light (Luke Whitmore/Canada) – A technician tries to help a dying man fix a lightbulb.

A/S/L (Benjamin Swicker/USA)
– A chatroom conversion takes a sinister turn.
Greater Good (Andrea Ashton/USA) – A pregnant woman learns a hard truth about the future.
High Tea (Luke Meneok/Canada) – A nightmarish abductor and his abductee get high.
Donuts (Bren Anduze/USA) – A mysterious suited figure finds himself trapped within the confines of a late night donut shop.
Wolf (Maziyar Khatam/Canada) – A lonely but revenge seeking man employs a sinister crew.
Sunny (Julian Vetrone/Canada) – A man writes a suicide letter.
Cult Film (Alastair Cummings/UK) – A lonely bachelor seeks solace in an extra-terrestrial cult.

Friday the 30th
Medium Rare (Luca Cioci/Italy)

Living with a Monster (Joffrey Saintrapt/Canada) – A monster visits a mourning alcoholic.
The Noise of the Night (Valentin Petit/France) – Two friends make a disturbing discovery about their pal: she appears to be able to synthesise into sound the light she is exposed to.
Reflekt (Kevin Saxby/Canada) – A morning shower is ruined when a reflection and hot-headed dad interrupt it.
Almost Sunny (Vittorio Guidotti/Italy) – Hunting for some rays.
Schwartzy (Aleks Vujosevic/Canada) – A young man’s fixation with Arnold Schwarzenegger results in both family drama and physical changes.
Feel (Tony Hinds, Luke Whitmore and Sean Guezen/Canada) – a teenager has no idea how emotions feel.

Goodnight, Gracie (Stellan Kendrick/USA) – A young girl tries to save herself from an axe-wielding mad man with the power of prayer.
Experiment TC-9585 (Todd Redenius/USA) –  When a mad scientist tests his new cure, he accidentally transforms himself into a monster and terrorizes a girl who breaks into his house.
Nibbles: I. Sexy Snacks, II. Yo-Yo & III. Size 0 Hero (Liberty Antonia Sadler/UK)
Nakey Apron 3.0 Pilot (Llyn Stransky/USA) – A children’s show
Unsubscribe (Rob White/Canada) – A man unsubscribes from a mailing list…or did he
Entropia (Marinah Janello/USA) – Using witchcraft, an aging woman attempts to return to youth.
CLAW (Christopher Litten/USA) – An adult film performer meets a mysterious producer and discovers the true price of fame.
Exsanguinata (Gretchen Heinel/USA) – A noblewoman and her devotees perpetuate their power by preying upon her subjects.

Saturday the 1st
Stray Pigeons (John Bean/Canada) – Two street kids search for a missing dog and bag of coke.
The Program (Michael Elliott Dennis/USA) – A collection of strange self-help tapes captivate a store clerk.
Two Queens, a King and a God? (Anya Chirkova and Maziyar Khatam/Canada) – Brat vs. mom and his girlfriend over a TV channel.
1st Day & Next Minute (Sara Koppel/Denmark) – A trippy, gender fluid animation about life.
Make Out Party (Emily Esperanza/USA) – See title
Beth’s three o’clock with Dr. Harlow (Emma Penaz Eisner/USA) – A dream analysis.
Hysteria (Lucretia Grimm/USA) – A nightmare fairy tale.

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra (Shayna Connelly/USA ) – A doc about an paranormal investigation who happens to be an experimental composer.
Beast (Natalie Peracchio/USA) – A child’s rage towards her older sibling manifests as a magical spider.
Spyglass (Chris Hunt/USA) – Two men attempt to unravel the truth of a friends disappearance.
Hannya (Daniel Mine/Italy) – The story of Hannya, the demon of jealousy.
Night Terrier (Neil Krowly and Adam Singer/Canada) – A neglected pet dog finds companionship in the form of a murderous demon.
Mother Fucker (Nicholas Payne Santos/USA) – To save his dog, a young blue blood finds himself in a nightmarish position.
Waste (Katy Klein and Efraim Acevedo Klein/USA) – A young woman goes through the classic stages of grief when she discovers her tattoo artist might have a boner.
Freelancer (Francisco Lacerda and Francisco A. Lopes/Finland) – A death cult caught on tape.

With comedy performances by Isabel Zaw-Tun, Joel Edmiston and Cassaundra Cabral

Some films may contain troubling content including violence, sexuality and strong language. Must be 19+ to attend.