2019 Festival

Videodrunk 2019 happened Nov 28, 29, and 30 at The Grand Gerrard in Toronto.

Thursday, November the 28th

Dead Weight (Cody Ray Thompson/Canada)

–       Bitch, Popcorn & Blood (Fabio Soares/France)
–       Dad’s Car (Rob White/Canada)
–       He and Me (Michele Kaye/Canada)
–       Spurlock. (Vincent Masson/Canada)
–       Fuck You, Steve (Nicholas Hartman/USA)
–       Hell to Play (Sarah Effinger/USA)
–       Dead Weight (Cody Ray Thompson/Canada)
–       Elder Abuse (Drew Durepos/USA)
–       Mr. Snowflake (Michael Tanton/Canada)

Wowzers (Ace Thor/USA)


–       Light Matter (Virgil Widrich/Austria)
–       Whiskey Face (Brent Bouchard/Canada)
–       Dead Girls Rising (Pimvenus Clark/USA)
–       Sucks For Us All (Kevin Davis/USA)
–       Tom has a Plant (Thinh Nguyen/Denmark)
–       Only Trumpets (Tristan Scott-Behrends/USA)
–       Dull Hope (Brian Ratigan/USA)
–       Sports Day (Lin Tu/China)
–       Wowzers (Ace Thor/USA)

Friday, November the 29th

Dethheads U.S.A. (Danny Denial/USA)


–       Wunderkammer (Jennifer Linton/Canada)
–       Dankalicious (Austin Stock/Canada)
–       Loser Says What? (David Vassos/Canada)
–       Adulthood (Daniel Kiwacka/USA)
–       Dethheads U.S.A. (Danny Denial/USA)
–       The Tattooed Heart (Sheldon Wong Schwartz/USA)
–       Michael! (Kevin Ackley/USA)
–       Crypto (Charles A. Townsend/USA)
–       Once Bitten… (Pete Tomkies/UK)
–       Sasquatches (Stewart Jay Koski/USA)

Lake Michigan Monster (Ryland Tews/USA)

–       Everything I know I Learned from The Simpsons (Shahbaz Khayambashi/Canada)
–       Pâté (Matthew Emery/USA)
–       Three Shots Each (Maurice Cormier/Canada)
–       NOVA (Andréanne Germain/Canada)
–       Stoner (Sydney Southam/Canada)
–       Wonder Mag (Joe Quartararo/USA)
–       The Other Side (Jesse de Rocquigny/Canada)
–       Lake Michigan Monster (Ryland Tews/USA)

Saturday, November the 30th

Lekaime (Xanti Rodriguez/Spain)

–       Do Turtles Swim in Maple Syrup? (Paul-Daniel Torres/Canada)
–       Press 1 for Redemption (Max Ward/UK)
–       El Ayuwoki (Gary Ye/Canada)
–       Aim High (Daniel McGuire/Canada)
–       The Congregation (CHRZU/Finland)
–       Sun Eater (Diego Silveira/Canada)
–       Lekaime (Xanti Rodriguez/Spain)

Lieutenant Jangles (Nicolas Champeaux/Australia)

–       Fucked Up Point Blank (Shayna Connelly/USA)
–       The Daily Talks (Colten Pearson/Canada)
–       New Year’s Kiss (DT Kofoed & Lee Ivy/USA)
–       Pimples N’ Nipples (Derek Viveiros/USA)
–       Lieutenant Jangles (Nicolas Champeaux/Australia)

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