2022 Festival

The Videodrunk Film Festival is excited to be back in Durham Region on November 17-19th at Whitby’s 5 Paddles Brewing Co (1390 Hopkins St Unit 3, Whitby). Presented with the support of 5 Paddles and Troi Mailing Services, Videodrunk enters its 9th edition.

Founded in 2014, Videodrunk has prided itself on presenting the finest in underground, experimental, alt comedy, horror, and B-movies to audiences in the GTA.

This year’s event will feature 3 days of short films, features, video art, and live stand-up comedy. The perfect way to celebrate the odd side of life in these unusual and trying times.

This event is for adults only as some films contain the following: violence including that of a sexual nature, coarse language, sexuality, disturbing imagery, strobe effects, and drug and alcohol use. Viewer discretion is advised.

All kinds are welcome at Videodrunk but we expect respect to be shown to all. Acts of disrespect to others in attendance, especially harassment, hate and violence, will result in ejection.

Tickets can be bought here https://filmfreeway.com/Videodrunk/tickets

RSPV https://fb.me/e/3FBwpiw6D

Nov 17

In The Shadow Of God (Brian Sepanzyk/Canada)

color film (Ted Stenson/Canada)

Joe Returns a Video (Robert Neilson/USA)

Eureka! (David Creighton/Canada)

Twin Musings of a Sinner (Nadine L’Esperance/Canada)

Reuben the Roller Roo (Will Prescott/USA)

Pretty Pickle (Jim Vendiola/USA)

Time Glider (Jacob Allen Johnston/USA)

Secret Santa(Lynn Kristmanson/Canada)

LandLocked (Paul Owens/USA)

Nov 18

Scion (Shian Grace/Canada)

Bite Me (Diya Gitanjali Mark/USA)

Woman of the Woods (Olivier Frigon/Canada)

I Had a Dream of a House at Night (Charlie Galea McClure/Canada)


The Big D (Nathan Ludwig and Chad Farmer/USA)

Handle With Care (Ross McClure/UK)

Involuntary Wingman (Alex Ef/Canada)

Late Bloomer (Nathan Bergs/Canada)

Sad Getty (Victor Dos Santos/USA)

Don’t Text Your Ex (Jo Güstin/Canada)

Driving Lesson (Maxime Girard/Canada)

Razzennest (Johannes Grenzfurthner/Austria)

Nov 19

It Hurts Either Way (Sean Gustav Shultis/Canada)

Last Orders (Jon James Smith/UK)

Void (Þorsteinn Sturla Gunnarsson/Iceland)

Mablo Micasso’s Dream (Denise Alder/UK)

Landmine of Mine (Kevin T. Landry/Canada)

Laundromonster (Mikayla Trainor/Canada)

Eyes and Horns (Chaerin Im/South Korea)

The Man of My Dreams (Tristan Scott-Behrends/USA)

Spirit Workers Union (Bob Kotyk/Canada)

Seeing Sound (Alec Jordan/Canada)

FURY (Petar Ristovski/Serbia)

(Just) Balloons (Zahm Waters/USA)

The Taking of Jordan (All American Boy)

Hubbards (Kevin Ralston/USA)

The Taking of Jordan (All American Boy) (Kalil Haddad/Canada)

The Last Temptation of Aelred (Jack Pratt/USA)

Part Forever (Alan Chung-An, Ou/Taiwan)

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