Extended Play

Extended Play is a monthly screening of short films hosted by Videodrunk programmer Matthew Rooney and The Central.  The screenings will typically feature more artistic shorts and transgressive content or genre shorts. Entry is for 19+ only.

Extended Play- Jan 5/2016

Damnbulance (Terry Cover/USA)
Demon Scum (Ryan Saunders/USA)
Director’s Cut (Pol Gonzalez Olle/Spain)
Diagnostics (Gabrielle Lenhard/USA)

Scary Creeps and Super Monsters- Feb 9/2016

Sloven (Marc Cartwright/USA)
Mansion of Terror (Chris Griffin/Canada)
All Men are Called Robert (Marc-Henri Boulier/France)
Harvest (Martin Sonntag & Kim Sonderholm/Denmark)
Whispers (Rahul Nath/Singapore)
The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You (Matt Blundell/USA)
The Angel (Paul Hough/USA)
Peter Goes to Hell (Danny Dunlop/Canada)

Tis Scary She’s a Horror (Women in Horror Month Special) – Feb 29/2016

A La Folie (France/Naima Chebahi)
Knockers (France/Arnaud Mangin)
The Grid (England/Andi Osho)
The Difficult Kind (USA/Shay Revolver)
Interview with a Zombie (Canada/Xandra Grayson)

Straight to DVD-R – March 8/2016

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