Past Prize Winners

Videodrunk presents several prizes. The King Videor, named for famed director King Vidor, is award for best overall production and the Canadian Film Prize goes to the best Canadian production. The prizes cannot be shared by a film.

The Wooden Spoon is awarded to the film the scored the lowest accepted judge’s score. It is awarded with filmmaker approval.

The Under 2 Minute Award is given to the best micro short film.

King Videor
2014: ‘Nile Perch’ by Joshua Gibson (Uganda)
2015: ‘Collinsville Trade Day, 1988’ by Jason and Charles Keener (USA)
2016: ‘Less Would Do’ by Louis Brousseau (Canada)
2017: ‘Full Waveform Inversion’ by David Nast Cole (USA)
2018: ‘Entropia’ by Marinah Janello (USA)
2019: ‘Pate’ by Matthew Emery (USA)

Canadian Film Prize
2014: ‘The Dentist’ by Jonathon Hunter
2015: ‘Craig, the Loneliest Man in the World, Makes a Friend, Loses a Friend and Subsequently Learns the Value of Solitude’ by Ted Stenson
2016: ‘McDavid’ by Conor McNally
2017: ‘Poor Man’s Evil Dead’ by Kristine Kleist, Kevin Buessecker and Zach Bryson
2018: ‘Night Terrier’ by Neil Krowly and Adam Singer
2019: ‘NOVA’ by Andréanne Germain

Wooden Spoon
2016: ‘teleVision Quest’ by Terry Cover (USA)
2017: ‘The Power’ by Jacob Smith (USA)
2018: Not Awarded
2019: ‘Spurlock.’ by Vincent Masson (Canada) and ‘Crypto’ by Charles A Townsend (USA)

Under 2 Minute Prize
2019: ‘He and Me’ by Michele Kaye (Canada)