2014 Festival

The 2014/1st edition of videodrunk was held at the White House Studio Project in Toronto’s Kensington Market on November 21st and 22nd.

Best of Fest: Nile Perch by Joshua Gibson
Best Canadian of Fest: The Dentist by Jonathon Hunter
Best Performance: Carolina Parakeet‘s Myles Cranford

Special Mentions
Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart by Clint Enns
Lady and the Tooth by Shaun Clark
Hide and Seek by Kayoko Asakura
Schlock Fish by Esteban Uribe

Line up
How to Settle a Payment on a Horse (John Mutter/Canada/2014) – A cowboy stand-off. (Video Art/Drama)
-Presented at the YACTAC Gallery in Vancouver

The Applicant (John Lagerholm/USA/2014) – A man, fresh from getting his masters, attempts to reenter the work force. (Comedy)
-Official Selection of ManaSota Films (Sarasota) and Innovative Film Fest (Tampa Bay)

Smaller Than (Joseph Duncombe/UK/2014) – A radical new drug takes London. (Sci-Fi/Horror)
-Official Selection of London Sci-Fi

Carolina Parakeet (AJ Briones/USA/2014) – A couple seeking for survival from the walking dead take shelter with a recently retired schoolteacher. (Horror)
-Best Actor (Myles Cranford) at the Asians on Film Festival (West Hollywood)
-Offical Selection of Sydney Underground Film Festival, FilmQuest (Salt Lake City),     Arizona Underground Flm Festival, New York City Horror Film Festival, Underground     Short Film Festival (Cork), Fester: The Mindfuck Festival (Los Angeles), Sacramento     Horror Film Festival, NOLA Horror Film Festival (New Orleans), Idaho Horror Film     Festival, Hollyshorts (Los Angeles)

Hey There, Mr. Lonely Heart (Clint Enns/Canada/2013) – Video Art.
-Official Selection of Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and Experimental Film Fest Portland
-Presented at the Microscope Gallery in New York

Escuchame (Iqrar Rizvi/Canada/2013) – Video Art.

The Dentist (Jonathon MB Hunter/Canada/2013) – Between trying to reconnect with a past love and finding the means to do so, an old man finds himself walking through a waking nightmare. (Surreal/Comedy)
-Official Selection of London International Film Festival, Dawson City Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival and Dances With Films (Los Angeles)

Snowglobe (Tony Porter/USA/2013) – A colorblind handyman attempts to escape his melting snowglobe home after finding schematics for a rocket. (Surreal/Sci-Fi)
-Official Selection of the Wildwood Film Festival, Beloit Film Festival and Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Auroratone Digitalis (Alex MacKenzie/Canada/2012) – Video Art.
How to Erase the Past (John Mutter/Canada/2014) – A couple tied to the traintracks. (Video Art/Drama)
-Presented at the YACTAC Gallery in Vancouver

Materia/Substance (Allison Moore/Brazil & Canada/2012) – Video Art.
-Presented at the Terra Una in Rio de Janeiro, ARPRIM in Montreal and La Bande Video in Quebec City

LOXFirst (Miles Forrester/Canada/2014) – Video Art.

Energy Chart (Alicia Grant/Germany/2014) – A bedroom performance. (Documentation)

The Door Jostler: Director’s Cut (Nick Andrews/USA/2014) – A lesson in the worst crime of all. (Comedy)

Because I am Broken (Alecska Divisadero and Nikolaus Tea/USA & Canada/2014) – A video poem about the feeling of being broken. (Drama)

The Sit (John Lagerholm/USA/2014) – An emergency causes a friendly neighbor to babysit an idiot man child. (Comedy)
-Official Selection of ManaSota Films (Sarasota)

Cutie (Dustin Puehler/USA/2014) – Child beauty pageant nightmare. (Drama/Horror)

Lady and the Tooth (Shaun Clark/UK/2013) – In a world where teeth mean everything, one man must find his. (Animated Horror)
-Jury Award of Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (France)
-Best Animation of Krivoy Rog Film Festival (Ukraine)
-Shortlist Best British Short Film of the British Animation Awards
-Official Selection of FanTasia (Montreal), Boston Underground Film Festival, Sofia International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Istanbul Animation Festival, Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Fanta Film Festival (Rome), L’Etrange Festival (Paris)
Mercenaries 1-3 (Kevin MacDonald/Canada/2014) – Two soldiers ponder. (Comedy)

Game Night (Noah Blodgett and Jacob LaMoutain/USA/2014) – A couple of friends head out to a trailer in the woods for a night of excitement with dice and cards. (Comedy/Surreal)

Bats (Catherine Polcz/Canada/2014) – Video Art.

Goodbye Marko (Matthew Taylor Blais/Canada/2014) – One last night of fun before a man heads back home. (Video Art)

Saudade (Jacques Lockwood/UK/2014) – A screenwriter and his roommate go to the hardware store while talking about movies and what not. (Comedy)
-Official Selection of Pixelate Film Festival (Cornwall, England)

Moonrise (Nicholas Brotman/Canada/2013) – A journey around Toronto. (Video Art)

Ding Dong the Dirty Clown (Sean Grounds/Canada/2014) – A clown’s dirty joke results in him being thrown out of the circus and seeking revenge. (Animation)

Recoil (Richard Keaney/Ireland/2014) – Having gotten his revenge, a man must come to terms with what he has done. (Crime)
-Official Selection of the Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival

Chant Silencieux (Agnes Quillet/France/2011)
-Discovery Prize of the Festival Chalon Tout Court (Chalon-sur-Saone)
-Runner-Up in Experiment Film at Boomtown Film and Music Festival (Beaumont, TX)
-Official Selection of the Traverse Video (Toulouse), Court Bouillon Festival (Nimes), Montreal Underground Film Festival, Festival Image Contre Nature (Marseille), KL Experimental Film and Video Festival (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hide and Seek (Kayoko Asakura/Japan/2013) – A young woman’s koto lesson becomes odd when her teacher’s son arrives. (Horror)
-Official Selection of the Seattle International Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Screen Queen Film Fetival (Tokyo), Hollyshorts (Los Angeles)

Full Tilt (Magill Foote/Canada/2014) – A girl who sucks at pinball battles the God of Pinball in a game of pinball for the right to live. (Comedy/Fantasy)
-Fantasia Film Festival Fantasy Award of Digi60 Spring Festival (Ottawa)
-Official Selection of the Fantasia Film Festival (Montreal)

Forward Biased Condition (John Woods/Canada/2013) – Video Art.
-Official Selection of the Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria), $100 Film Festival (Calgary), Experiment in Cinema (Albuquerque), Ann Arbor Film Festival, Experimental Film Fest Portland, The Picture Show: Under the Underground (Brooklyn), International Festival of New Latin American Cinema (Havana)

Assemble (Matt Greenwood/Canada/2014) – Video Art.

Bowling Rolling Pushing Tipping Trundling (Josh Hite/Canada/2014) – Video Art.
-Terminal Award from Austin Peay State University (Tennessee)
-Presented at Suzie’s Address (Vancouver)

Nile Perch (Joshua Gibson/Uganda/2013) – A look at Uganda’s perch industry. (Documentary)
-Stellar Award for Documentary of the Black Maria Film Fest (Jersey City, New Jersey)
-Official Selection of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Atlanta International Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC), Indie Grits Film Festival (Columbia, SC) and Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

I Made Out with the Marquis De Sade (and Other Lovely Lies) (Martin Kessler/Canada/2014) – Two intertwined stories, one about a dysfunctional domestic relationship, and the other about a vampire from planet Saturn. (Horror/Melodrama)

Schlock Fish (Esteban Uribe/Colombia & USA/2014) – A fisherman plots revenge on the fish that took his eye. (Comedy)
-Runner Up for the Audience Choice Award at the Great Lakes Film Festival
-Official Selection of the Long Beach Film Festival, Oak Cliff Film Festival and Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Special thanks to The White House Studio Gallery, Miles Forrester, Sean Grounds, Briar Murawski, Isabel Zee Tee, Karen Todd, Cristina Silva-Turnes, Promote Horror, Suspect Video, Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec, the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival and all the filmmakers and artists who took part for helping us create such a fine event.

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